Designated Areas: campfires are allowed in approved fire structures in the following areas on the Sawtooth National Forest.


Highway 21 & Stanley Lake Area

Grandjean CG Trap Creek CG Sheep Trail CG Elk Creek CG

Stanley Lake Inlet CG Lakeview CG

Stanley Lake CG Iron Creek CG

Salmon River Corridor Salmon River CG Riverside CG

Casino Creek CG Mormon Bend CG Upper O'Brien CG Lower O'Brien CG Whiskey Flats CG Holman Creek CG

Pettit Lake Area

Pettit Lake CG

Alturas Lake Area

Alturas  Picnic Area

Smokey Bear CG and Boat Launch North Shore CG

Alturas  Lake Inlet CG

Alturas Lake Inlet Beach & Day Use Area Chemeketan CG

Alturas Tent Area

Wood  River Valley

Easley CG Wood  River CG

Wood River Picnic Area No1th Fork CG

Murdock CG Caribou CG

Redfish Lake Area

Sunny Gulch CG

Sunny Gulch Day Use Area Chinook Bay CG

Mountain  View CG No1th Shore Picnic Area Glacier  View CG

Outlet Beach & Day Use Area

Outlet CG

Mount Heyburn CG Sockeye CG

Sandy Beach Boat Launch & Day Use Area

Point CG


Pioneer CG Five Points CG Canyon CG Bowns CG

Willow Creek CG Bird Creek CG Chaparral CG Abbot CG

Willow Creek Transfer Camp Bear Creek Transfer Camp Kelley Creek Flats Camping Area


Boundary CG

Campfires are prohibited in the SNRA, Fairfield RD and Ketchum RD on the Sawtooth National Forest except as otherwise noted in this closure order.

Source: Bureau of Land Management, Sawtooth National Forest, and Idaho Department of Lands