12:44 PM Update: Flights from Twin Falls Airport to Salt Lake City Airport have been grounded for now, due to icy conditions on the tarmac.  This has caused several large Delta flights to be diverted to Twin Falls Airport today (picture above).  Plan accordingly and expect increased traffic at the Twin Falls Airport today.

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — The Salt Lake City International Airport has been closed because of icy conditions after a Frontier airplane slid on the runway during landing. Airport spokeswoman Barbara Gann says there are no reports of injuries from the Thursday morning incident. Gann says it's unknown how long the airport will be closed. She says five flights were cancelled this morning, and 15 other planes were forced to return to their gates when the runway was closed.

It's unknown how many airlines have been affected. The airport is a hub for Delta Airlines, and seven other airlines run flights there too. Freezing rain has also caused dozens of accidents on roadways around Salt Lake City this morning.