According to a new study, Salt Lake City is ranked as one of the best airports in the country. That's great news for those of us who have to frequent the terminals there.

A major airline website, The Points Guy, shared the good news about Salt Lake City. The airport there is ranked as the 4th best in the US. That's quite a feat considering it's also rated as the 4th busiest.

Why did Salt Lake City get the nod? Here's The Points Guy criteria:

The three main categories of criteria are TIMELINESS (flight delays, cancellations, security wait), ACCESSIBILITY (drive time to and from the city center or other popular destination, number of public transportation transfer required, public transit time to and from airport), and AMENITIES (number of restaurants, number of lounges, Wi-Fi fees, parking fees).

I've had to fly through Salt Lake City twice in the past year and I have to admit the transition from flight-to-flight was pretty seamless. I also enjoyed the numerous tables with access to electrical outlets for laptop use and a great variety of food options.

You definitely appreciate the airport in Salt Lake if you ever have the misfortune of boarding a flight on the eastern seaboard. I have my own theory that the name LaGuardia is Latin for "travel purgatory". If not, it should be.