TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)- Pretty Soon people will be able to see a live video stream of Shoshone Falls. Twin Falls Parks and Recreation Director Dennis Bowyer says he has plans to install a camera on top of the recently erected police communications tower next to the gun range. The tower is located on the the canyon rim just west of the falls.

Bowyer says people will be able to access the camera through the city's website People will be able to monitor the falls water levels and see when they are running at a high rate. Bowyer says some people asked him if he was worried it would deter people from visiting if they noticed the water levels were low. He said there is more to Shoshone Falls than just the falls.

Between the park, trails, waterfront access and Dierkes Lake, he says there is plenty to do down there. Bowyer hopes to get the camera up by this summer.