Smoke filled the Magic Valley sky yesterday. Several fires  burning throughout southern Idaho are to blame for the grey haze. The biggest, the 31-square-mile Big Hill fire located 20 miles south of Bruneau. The Blair fire has burned about 1200 acres 8 Miles north of Glenns Ferry. The Union Fire has burned about 5000 acres 3 and a half miles west of Orchard. The Benny fire has burned about 95 acres 12 miles east of Mountain Home. The Morrow fire about 700 acres.. 4 miles north of Glenns Ferry, and the North Char fire has burned about 60 acres on the south side of Lucky Peak Reservoir near Boise. Several other smaller fires were also burning in Forrest areas and on Public lands. The National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, which tracks fires nationwide, says so far there are no, what they consider, large fires to report. Firefighters are hoping the weather will cooperate in containing the fires. Firefighters also contained and controlled the wildfire that started near Devils Corral north of Twin Falls Sunday evening.  That fire burned just under 200 acres.  A reminder that seniors and those with breathing problems should limit their exposure to the outside air during periods of visible heavy smoke like the day we saw yesterday.