Hollister, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) Wednesday evening local farmers met in Hollister to hear this year's water forecast for the Salmon Falls Tract.

76 share holders rely on the Salmon Falls Reservoir and this year is not looking any better than last year. As it looks now farmers will run out of water around August, which means crops will be more grains and wheat. The crops that bring in more money require more water to produce.

Local water supply specialist Ron Abramobich explains the dilemma. "The snow pack is only about 80 no 75% of average here and that sounds better than it really is. There is just the snow is really in the high elevation sites, the mid elevation the range land doesn't have much snow to be about 40 – 50% of average." For more information about this year's forecast visit www.salmondam.com.