Spanky is a dog at the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. You can tell just by looking at him that he is ready to play.

Here's a description of Spanky from the Twin Falls Animal Shelter:

This young dog is playful and social. He gets along with everyone he meets. He loves to play with toys and will amuse with his silly antics. He loves to play with other dogs and is gentle enough to play with small dogs as well as large. He will require a family that is willing to teach him basic manners and obedience. Crate training is recommended at first while learning manners. He will be an excellent family dog for nearly any family home.

It's not always easy to find a dog that plays well with other dogs, so even if your home has a 4-legged friend, maybe Spanky could join your family.

For more information on Spanky and other animals that need a home, check out the Twin Falls Animal Shelter website and Facebook page.