BOISE -- Idaho is the only state without its own suicide prevention hotline, but that will change Monday afternoon. After years of planning and some recent delays, the state's hotline will take its first callers starting at 1 p.m. Since John Reusser came on board as the Executive Director of the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline, he's seen how the hotline will impact the state. Since the state's hotline closed in 2006, Reusser told News Channel 7 Idahoans in crisis had their calls answered out of state. Now with calls being answered in-state, Reusser says those people will get even more help and have more direction to Idaho resources, like school counselors. The statewide hotline will be answered by local volunteers Monday through Thursday from 9 to 5. After February, Reusser hopes to add Friday service. By the second year of operation, Reusser hopes the line will be answered by Idahoans 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even though the hotline is only answered locally part of the time, anyone can call the number any time, day or night and talk to someone. Anyone in emotional crisis can call, as can anyone who is concerned about a friend or family member. The number is 1-800-273-TALK. Again, the hotline transfers over to Idaho volunteers at 1:00 This afternoon. Via