Aquifer Recharge Becomes Top Priority
While budget cuts have forced cutbacks in such things as dam safety in the state, another project is taking priority…aquifer recharge.  Yesterday members of the Idaho Water Resource Board told the Joint Finance Appropriations Committee that they want to implement a plan to provide $1.5-million dolla…
Water Prognosticators Keep An Eye To The Sky
Idaho’s water prognosticators are trying to be optimistic even though the snowpack in Idaho is way below last year.  Water supply specialist Ron Abramovich says snowpack around the state is down considerably from last year and is considerably below average.
Aquifer Recharge Running Behind
The Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer that supplies underground water to a large portion of southern Idaho continues to be depleted but measures being taken to reverse the trend seem to be few and far between.
Good Water Year Allows Aquifer Recharge
The plentiful snowpack throughout southern Idaho this year will pay an extra dividend…extra water for the aquifer recharge effort.  State officials say the plentiful water supply this year will allow canal companies to use some of that extra water in their efforts to recharge the Eastern…