Would You Call In Sick Over This?
We've all had mornings where our hair wouldn't curl, your shirt looks nothing like the last time you wore it, and your skirt has a stain on it that appeared out of nowhere.
How do these things happen and why do they only happen when you wake up 15 minutes late?
What Decade Had The Worst Fashion [POLL]
Every decade has had something positive when it comes to fashion (except for the 80's, I don't think any good fashion came out of the 80's), and a new study has given us the popular vote for the best decade. Also - in doing so they have also told us what decade had the worst fashion.
Top Story Podcast 3/24/11:Sen. Crapo, Cops, Larrey Anderson
Top Story Podcast 3/24/11: First hour: US Senator Mike Crapo weighs in on the Libya issue and the economic fate of America. Dan Thom with the TFCSO has the "bad guys" list. Second hour: American Thinker's Larrey Anderson
Idaho's U.S. Senator Mike Crapo says he's not t…