Are Zombie Costumes Considered Family Friendly Costumes?
Zombie costumes seem to be the new vampire or Frankenstein costumes. Zombies come in all different forms: cheerleader zombies, zombie hunters, sleepover zombies, etc. At this point, zombies are just part of Halloween.
Halloween has never just been pumpkins and witches, there has always been a gory si…
Gory Halloween Decorations
Rather you want a friendly witch in your front yard, or a field of zombies covered in blood. You can buy almost any kind of Halloween decoration you want, until your neighbors complain.
Red Cross Wants your Blood
KLIX-This Halloween, Count Dracula is not the only one who needs your blood. The American Red Cross wants you too! Regular blood donations are needed to maintain a safe and adequate blood supply for patients in our local hospitals. Give Count Dracula the boot and instead help make a difference to so…
Idaho Veterinarian Starts Blood Drive for Dogs
AP - A Boise veterinarian seeking a more reliable blood supply for dogs needing transfusions has started a donor program. Veterinarian Chad Hunt started the Canine Blood Heroes program at his Boise animal Hospital in January.  Under the program, owners can bring in their dogs to donate
nearly a …