Budget Writers Approve More Money For Schools
(AP) - Legislative budget writers have voted to
boost state support for public schools by 4.6 percent next year
while increasing the minimum teacher salary to $30,500, up from
The $1.56 billion spending plan for public schools in 2013 was
approved Monday by the Joint Finance-Appropriations Commi…
Idaho Schools In Line For More Money In 2013
State spending on public schools is in line for a $30 million increase under Gov. Otter's proposed budget for next year. Public schools chief Tom Luna wanted at least $60 million of a projected state surplus to go toward public education in the fiscal year that starts July 1.
Otter Cautions State Agenices Regarding Budget
Idaho Governor butch Otter is cautioning state agencies their budget plans for the next fiscal year could be trimmed after state tax revenues came in about $5.4 million below projections during the month of November. In a letter Wednesday, Otter told members of his cabinet that with the new numbers,…
Projection: Idaho will Close Year with Cash Surplus
Idaho will end the fiscal year with $77 million in the bank, if current projections hold.  (These comparatively bright prospects -- after three years of revenue shortfalls -- were delivered Thursday at a taxpayer lobbying group's conference in Boise by the Idaho Legislature's budget m…
CSI Approves New Higher Budget
A new budget for the 2012 fiscal year has been approved by the College of Southern Idaho Board of Trustees.  The budget is an increase over  2011 of $1.396 million dollars, or just under a four percent increase.
Idaho Expecting Big Budget Surplus
Idaho is expecting its second year of big budget surpluses when the 2012 fiscal year ends, presenting conservative Idaho with tough choices that could include restoring programs or cutting taxes.  Come July, Governor "Butch" Otter's office and the Legislature expect to h…
Idaho Airports Halting Projects
Airports throughout the United States and right here in Idaho were planning on federal dollars from the FAA to fund several different projects. Now, those projects are on hold. Construction crews working on a new tower at the Boise airport have been furloughed after the FAA's budget expired.
Twin Falls County Works On Budget
Twin Falls County could conceivably have a budget just under $38-million dollars for the coming fiscal year.  Twin Falls County Commissioners received a preliminary copy of the proposed budget this week.  The $37.98-million dollar proposed budget constitutes an increase of about two and a …
Jerome School District Slashes Budget
The Jerome School board made some tough decisions this week to finalize the 2011-2012 budget.  With cuts in state funding the school district faces a $1.3-million dollar cut in funding from last year for a total of $17-million dollars.
City Officials Examine Employee Pay
Twin Falls city officials have been trying to deal with the recession and a dwindling budget to keep things going.  Now, the Times News reports today that an employee pay survey that was conducted about a year ago found that compensation that Twin Falls city pays its employees is behind other c…
TF School District Eyes Budget
A preliminary budget for the next school year is being formulated by the Twin Falls School District and yesterday the Board of Trustees took a look.  So far the district is looking at a budget of approximately $40.3-million dollars.
Twin Falls City Council Warned Of Budget Woes
The Twin Falls City Council could be facing some cold hard facts in the near future.  At the city council meeting last night they were told by City Community Development Director Mitch Humble that “We cannot preserve historic levels of service and historic tax policy. Something has to cha…

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