TF School District Eyes Budget
A preliminary budget for the next school year is being formulated by the Twin Falls School District and yesterday the Board of Trustees took a look.  So far the district is looking at a budget of approximately $40.3-million dollars.
Twin Falls City Council Warned Of Budget Woes
The Twin Falls City Council could be facing some cold hard facts in the near future.  At the city council meeting last night they were told by City Community Development Director Mitch Humble that “We cannot preserve historic levels of service and historic tax policy. Something has to cha…
Wolf Delisting Part Of Federal Budget
An attachment to a federal budget bill needed to avert a government shutdown would take gray wolves off the endangered species list across most of the Northern Rockies. Wildlife advocates conceded Tuesday the wolf provision was all but certain to remain in the spending bill after efforts to remove …
JFAC Approves Education Budget
For the third year in a row, the public education budget will decrease, but State School Superintendent, Tom Luna, says that this year's cut will be a relief for most districts.  State departments across Idaho have been taking drastic budget cuts during this legislative session.  Luna says schools h…
Bill to Cut Higher Education Budget Clears Senate
The Idaho Senate has approved a higher education budget with a $7.6 million cut in state support. The Senate voted 28-7 along party lines to pass the budget for Idaho's public universities, which is up $19 million in total funding but with the cut in state general funds, will force the schools …
Two State Agencies Set To See Budget Increases
The Idaho Transportation Department will get about $562 million for fiscal year 2012, according to a budget passed by the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee. That's up 16.3 percent -- or $78.8 million -- from the budget lawmakers set last year...
More Budget Cuts On The Way
State agencies are bracing themselves for a new round of budget cuts. According to the current proposal, Schools would have to give up $60 million, Medicaid would lose $22 million, while colleges and universities would sacrifice $10.9 million.
Sail the high seas on a budget
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