My Grandfather’s Lasting Christmas Gift
From what I’ve been told my Grandfather Gordon struggled to provide for his family.  Not for lack of ambition but he was a product of his times.  Born on a farm in Missouri his family later moved to a small farm in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains...
Christmas Lights
Most of us love Christmas and want to celebrate it in every way possible. The big question is, in order to celebrate Christmas do we need to put up Christmas lights?
Pet Rescue…Origin of Santa…CHRISTmas Traditions
Rachel Anderson with Pet Rescue will be in today to tell us how it works and how you can help.

It's CHRISTmas Eve so we don't want to get too serious today.  We'll talk about the origins of Santa (Sinter Klaas - direct relation to Kelly Klaas) as well as your CHRISTmas traditions
Friday's have been busy with guests for a while now.  Today, not so much.  So, let's make it OPEN MIND FRIDAY!

Experts on food safety will have some tips for us for the Christmas/New Years season at 8:40.
Paul Arrington will telling you how to get involved with Death By Chocolate f…
Christmas is Coming!
A lot of us claim not to celebrate holidays early, but retailers wouldn't put out Christmas items unless consumers bought them. Right?
I'm a true believer that October is for Halloween, November is for Thanksgiving and December is for Christmas.

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