Would You Leave Your Significant Other Over A Pet? KLIXcast
If your significant other gave you an ultimatum and told you it was THEM or the PET, what would you do?

Ella Donahue has the CSI Update.
Danielle Hegman is doing a senior project that will benefit the Stanton Project at St. Lukes.
Kirk Tubbs is looking for volunteers to be on the Twin Falls County Pest…
Scarey Stories From The Magic Valley
Andrew Weeks has written several books on hauntings, ghosts and scarey stuff...many of them from the Magic Valley.  He will tell us some of those stories today.

We will have the CSI Update at 8:20.
Idaho Republican Representative Steve Hartgen is running for re-election
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“ILLEGAL” May Soon Be Illegal
"Illegal Pete's" is a restaurant chain in Colorado.  The owner is being pressured to change the name of the restaurant chain because some claim it is a derogatory term!

Ella Donahue will have the CSI Update at 8:20.
"Forever Plaid" at the Magic Valley Arts…
Terror Attack In Canada…Who Will Be Next?
The heart of the Canadian capital was thrown into panic and placed in lockdown on Wednesday after a gunman armed with a rifle or shotgun fatally wounded a corporal guarding the tomb of the unknown soldier at the National War Memorial.

Over 60 and fit at 8:20
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Twin Falls Administration Restructure – KLIXcast
Twin Falls City Councilperson Suzanne Hawkins says the city is looking at restructuring the administration.

Andrew Weeks book about haunted places in Magic Valley.
Sherry Olsen-Frank, candidate for CSI Board of Trustees.
Otter continues fight against same-sex marriage
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Twin Falls County Clerk Kristina Glasscock…on Voting
Twin Falls County Clerk Kristina Glasscock will be our guest today talking about the new gay marriage licensing and voting procedures.

Ella Donahue will have the CSI UPdate
Canyon Crest Dining and Event Center presents comedian Key Lewis
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School Lunches Suck…According to Many Students – KLIXcast
Many students say after the new federal guidelines prompted by First Lady Michelle Obama, school lunches are tasteless and there's not enough food.  What's a school to do?

Randy Stapilus has the Idaho Political Update.
Republican Twin Falls County Commissioner Leon Mills is running for …
President Obama’s “Latte Salute”
Social media is aflutter with the video of President Obama saluting the U.S. Marines as he disembarked Marine 1 with a cup of coffee in his saluting hand.  Some think it is atrocious, others think it's much-ado-about-nothing.  It may surprise you to hear the background of presidential…
CSI Secrets?
The police won't be investigating an apparent "identity theft" incident at the College of Southern Idaho in the Edit Szanto case.  Jill wonders why.
Ella Donahue has the CSI Update.
Bob and Daphne Mallory talk about the Senior Citizen Aging Advisory committee proposal...
Find Out About Local Emergency Services
Jackie Frey is the Twin Falls County Emergency Services Coordinator.  Most people probably don't even realize there is such as position.  Find out about it today on Top Story.
Meet Bob and Daphne Malloy of the Senior Aging Committee.
Ella will have the CSI Update at 8:20...
Do You Support Sending American Troops Into Ebola Territory?
President Obama announced this week that he will send 3000 American troops to areas where ebola is running rampant to help control it.  Are you OK with that?

Karl Klienkopf is running for re-election on the CSI Board of Directors.  He will join us at 8:40 this morning
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