Have an Active Dog? Try This …
A five-week introductory course to dog agility is being offered through the College of Southern Idaho’s Jerome Center, geared to any dog who is active with its owner.
The Ghosts of Idaho
The farmer thought otherwise, explaining customers had often seen strange things around his fields and barns.
Rupert Man Charged with Animal Abuse
On Jan. 3 the Minidoka County Sheriff's Office responded to a call regarding animal abuse. When a sheriff's deputy arrived at the residence he found a deceased dog lying next to the front fence near Baseline Road.
Everyone Needs a Cat Like Tucker
I share a small home with a large cat.  This wasn’t foreseen a year ago.  For many years I fancied myself primarily as a dog person.  My dad had shepherds and my mom raised poodles.  When I was 12 my little brother wanted a cat and the family picked up a kitten at…

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