Winter Weather Advisory Issued for Southern Idaho
Southern Idahoans can expect to see snow fall in the next 24 hours as a cold front moves in. The National Weather Service in Boise issued Winter Weather Advisory for parts of southern Idaho, including much of southern Twin Falls County. Northern Nevada is also expected to see snow on Wednesday.
What Is Idaho The Worst At
Obviously there are a lot of great things about Idaho...but not everything is great. In fact, we are definitely the worst at some things.
Idaho Texting Ban Starts July1st
(KLIX)- Come July first a new state law will go into effect banning texting while driving. The state legislature passed the measure in its last session. The new law only bans texting or entering data into a mobile device, it doesn’t prohibit talking on your phone...
City Drops Texting Ban-State Will Take Over
(KLIX)- The city of Twin Falls led the charge against texting while driving. It passed the first ever ordinance in the state to target drivers who sent a text message while driving. Several other cities in the state pondered the idea and then state legislators decided to write one of their own...
Texting Bill Awaits Governor’s Signature
A bill that will make texting while driving illegal in Idaho is now awaiting Gov. Butch Otter's signature.  Lawmakers admit that enforcing an anti-texting law will be difficult, but say that enforcement isn't the main purpose of the legislation.  Driver safety is foremost and thi…
Idaho House Passes Anti-Texting Bill
(AP) - Texting while driving could hit drivers in the wallet under a bill that has passed the House. House lawmakers voted 53-17 Tuesday to bar motorists from using smartphones and other hand-held devices to send written communications.
No Excuse To Drink And Drive This Weekend
With lots of partying and celebrating taking place this New Year’s weekend there will be few excuses for drinking and driving.  Many of the area bars and restaurants will be pairing up with a local cab companies to provide free rides for those who want to celebrate and then get …