The Worst Item at Every Fast Food Chain
I like fast food. It's convenient, yummy and my whole family likes it. But, have you ever ordered something from a fast food restaurant that wasn't yummy? According to, their is one, not so delicious, item on every fast food menu.
Will Eating Ice Really Kill My Dog [VIDEO]
The internet is an amazing source of information. The bad news is that all the information online is not true! I could easily write that I am the most handsome and richest man in the world - but that doesn't make it true...but maybe it is.
Mysterious Fish Eats An Entire Live Duck [VIDEO]
I am not going to say that there is a Loch Ness Monster or that I believe in Bigfoot - but sometimes it is hard to explain things that actually happen close to where you live. Like this video of a mysterious fish that eats an entire live duck!
Date Night around Twin Falls
It doesn't matter if you're going on a first date or you're married and looking to spend some much needed quality time together.  "There's nothing to do" is no excuse not to get out and do something fun.  When look around, there's plenty to do in …