Idaho: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (Opinion)
I took a pleasure cruise on the Snake River.  I’ve spent nearly every weekend of my summer sightseeing in Idaho and have barely scratched the opportunities to see some of the Northern Hemisphere’s greatest wonders.  The past weekend, I floated on the 1000 Sp…
Guess What’s For Free In Filer? (PHOTOS)
I would argue that some of the best bargains in the Magic Valley are found in the free part of Twin Falls Craigslist. That has happened again today as a real gem has appeared and this time it's in Filer. Want to take a wild guess what it is?
Tegan Barn in Filer Falls
I was hoping the Tegan Barn in Filer would stand for a few more years. This giant barn has been leaning for as long as I can remember. Some people called the barn the "Dr Seuss Barn" because the doors and windows curved a little more with each wind storm.
Fire Burns Building in Filer
FILER, Id. ( KMVT/KSVT ) The Filer Fire Department responded to a structure fire Saturday afternoon at 2300 east and 4300 north in Filer.
Filer Bar Burglarized
A bar in the City of Filer was robbed during the weekend. Filer Police has asked the public to help identify the suspects. This is what the department posted to it's facebook page
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