Dietrich School Settles in Locker Room Assault Case
A southern Idaho school district has agreed to settle a federal lawsuit involving a black football player who says he was sexually assaulted by three teammates in 2015. Lee Schlender, the victim's attorney, confirmed Monday a monetary settlement had been reached with the Dietrich School Distric…
Semi-Pro Football Coming To Twin Falls
This makes my body hurt just thinking about playing football again! If you still have the desire to play some full contact football, then now is your chance to start with the Semi Pro Magic Valley Bulldawgs!
Longing for Global Warming
Who drove the Zamboni down local streets?  I told friends Friday night I could’ve made it to the Townsquare Media Christmas Party a lot more quickly on skates
Do Our Kids Have Too Many Sports Team Practices?
Rather you are a fan of school sports or not, they are a big part of our school systems and our communities.
There are great benefits that come from of school athletics. Although, if your child has 6 practices a week their academic and family life can suffer because they are NEVER home...
Commentary: Remembering Marv Hubbard
Marv Hubbard died.  His name doesn’t mean much beyond the world of sports and to people under 50-years-old.  For me he was Superman.  For almost a decade he pummeled opposing defenses as a fullback for the Oakland Raiders.  As the following link demonstrates it wa…

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