good news in the magic valley

Good News: Improvements To The Twin Falls Public Library
The Twin Falls Public Library recently showcased it's all new improvements which include new carpeting, a new HVAC system, computer furniture, new collections and displays! And now the library has fifteen laptops available for checkout in the library and WiFi access throughout.
Good News: Sugar Beet Harvest Is In Full Swing
The Sugar Beet Harvest is in full swing around the valley, and due to ideal growing conditions the beets have made up for a late start this spring and are projected to gain about one ton increase in yield over last year.
Good News: Idaho Dairy Production Is Up
We all know how important Dairy is to our local economy. The good news: according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, dairy production in the western states was up an average of 4.7% through July. Idaho marked a 5.7% increase in dairy production. According to the same study, overall dairy product…
Good News: WEL Company Opens A New Facility In Gooding
WEL Company, a Wisconsin based organization, has just opened a brand new facility in Gooding. The new 120,000 square foot facility in the Gooding Industrial Park and boasts nine truck docks, and four railroad docks to efficiently ship their products...
Good News: Construction Activity Is Up!
Although things seem slow, construction activity is up. According to McGraw-Hill Dodge Reports there was a 15% increase during June in the Intermountain Area. New Commercial construction starts also saw a 10% increase, multifamily housing is up 16%, healthcare facilities are up 8%, and utility proje…