He Takes My Gun Away
A red state
Looking too God and fun
When he walks into a room
Carryin’ a long gun
Man, he makes me feel
Like a bullet that’s off to the moon - 
With thanks to Eddie Money
It certainly wasn’t FDR pronouncing, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself…
University of Idaho Gearing Up For Guns On Campus
MOSCOW, Idaho (KTVB) -- The University of Idaho is taking steps to comply with a new state law that allows people with an enhanced concealed-carry permit to bring a concealed weapon on campus.
The law takes effect on July 1.
New University of Idaho president Chuck Staben sent a letter to the school co…
Idaho Mental Health Records Have Been Added to FBI Gun Checks
What do you think?  Is Obama taking away all of our guns?  Or is this a reasonable measure for safety's sake?
TWIN FALLS, Idaho (AP/KTVB) -- Idaho added mental health records to a national Federal Bureau of Investigations database, making it easier for background checks to discover if …
Twin Falls Man Arrested On Felony Drug Charges
A Twin Falls man was arrested Thursday on suspicion of felony drug trafficking.  29-year old Jarried M. Graff was arrested at his home after Twin Falls police entered his residence with a warrant to search for drugs. During the search, they seized about 2...
Rupert Boy Recovering From Accidental Shooting
A 12-year-old Rupert boy is recovering at home after being accidentally shot by a friend while they played with a handgun. The Minidoka County sheriff's office says the two boys, aged 10 and 12, were playing with a 9 mm handgun that belonged to the 12-year-old's parents on Friday...
House Passes Guns On Campus Bill
The Idaho House has approved a bill that would allow firearms on public university and college campuses.  The House voted 41-28 on the legislation this morning.  It would prohibit schools from banning firearms, either carried openly or by people with concealed weapons permits, anywhere on …
“Gun Bill” Goes To Full House
The Idaho House State Affairs Committee has voted to send HB 222, which would allow people with a concealed weapons permit to carry firearms on college and university campuses in the state, on to the full house.  The bill would allow public colleges and universities to regulate firearms in unde…