Jerome Jail Vote Delayed
Jerome County voters will not be voting on a new jail bond this November.  Instead, and for the time being, that vote has been delayed by the Jerome County Commissioners to May 15th of next year.
Top Story Instapoll For 7/18/11
Too often someone who has had a suspended jail sentence is out walking the streets. They sometimes end up committing a serious crime where someone gets hurt or killed during the period they should have been in jail.  Should our judges be held more accountable for when this happens...
Jerome Voters To Decide On Two Bond Issues
This coming November voters in Jerome will have two decisions to make regarding housing for law enforcement.  Jerome County voters will be voting, for the fourth time, on whether to approve a bond to build a new county jail facility,  The latest estimate for the new facility is between 8 and 11 mill…
Mini-Cassia Jail Fails ICE Inspection
The Mini-Cassia Criminal Justice Center will need some upgrading if it’s to comply with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  The Times-News reports this morning that an inspection last month revealed several problems at the facility.
Jerome Commissioners Cut Back Jail Proposal
The fourth attempt at passing a bond in Jerome County to build a new jail will be aimed at a smaller facility this time. Jerome County Commissioners say they have pared down the proposed facility to replace the current aging county jail from 165 beds to 120.  This should offer a substantial savings …
More Talk On A Regional Jail
With Twin Falls County running at capacity in the county jail and Gooding County wrestling with security issues in that county jail, discussions are taking place to find a way to fix both problems.  Both Gooding County Sheriff Shaun Gough and Twin Falls County Sheriff Tom Carter and jail admini…
Finding The Illegals
Twin Falls County law enforcement  now has a new tool to help identify illegal aliens who have committed crimes.  The Secure Communities program will allow Twin Falls County to help the federal government identify criminal aliens who are being held in local jails.
More Regional Jail Talks
Conversations are still being held from time to time among county officials regarding solutions to overcrowded and outdated jail facilities.  This week representatives from Gooding and Twin Falls Counties discussed the possibility of building a jail in Wendell to house prisoners for both counti…

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