Minidoka School District Releasing 11 Teachers
The Minidoka County School District is reeling from state budget cuts in education and the “Students Come First” initiative.  At a school board meeting this week board members approved the layoffs of 11 teachers in the district.  The board was hoping that attrit…
Twin Falls City Council Warned Of Budget Woes
The Twin Falls City Council could be facing some cold hard facts in the near future.  At the city council meeting last night they were told by City Community Development Director Mitch Humble that “We cannot preserve historic levels of service and historic tax policy. Something has to cha…
SCCAP Begins Layoff’s
The South Central Community Action Partnership is going through some troubling times right now.  Over Twenty employees who had been hired to weatherize homes over the past two years are being laid off because the federal stimulus money is now gone.