Magic Valley

Don Hall’s Approach to Growth in Magic Valley
Twin Falls City Councilman Don Hall has long reminded us the population growth in the Magic Valley will continue to astound.  He joined us in studio today and among the topics was his belief the city and county need a better strategy for managing growth...
Hunting Draws & Free Fishing Days
Idaho’s culture is bound with fishing and hunting.  While regulations didn’t exist in the early days the cultural standards set by the state’s first settlers are still with us.  Once a month we’re joined in studio by Kelton Ha…
New Brewery in Buhl Idaho
Have you been to Magic Valley Brewery in Buhl? To be honest, I wasn't aware we had a brewery in Buhl. The brewery is a Brewpub that offers yummy food, a relaxed atmosphere and great local beer.
Rep. Stephen Hartgen Prepares for Primary
State Representative Stephen Hartgen paid Top Story a visit today.  He’s facing a primary test next week.  He offered his “elevator speech” for Republican voters and some thoughts about what he would like to see in the next legislative session...
State Rep. Maxine Bell Seeks Another term
State Representative Maxine Bell is involved in a primary.  One week from tomorrow Republican voters in her district will decide if she will spend a full three decades as a member of the State Legislature.  Bell spent some time with us today and cited the importance of her role on the Finance Commit…
Magic Valley Prom Photos
Magic Valley Proms have occurred every weekend for the past several weeks. We gathered some great prom photos that were shared on social media. We hope everyone had an amazing time at their proms!

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