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Pics Of The Magic Valley Night Sky (PHOTOS)
One of the nice benefits of living in Idaho is having clear and big skies that are somewhat pollution-free. It also helps that our neighborhood is relatively dark at night. All of those factors add up to a great place to go star gazing.
Magic Valley’s Forecast For Spring Looks Warmer Than Normal
If the National Weather Service is correct, spring in the Magic Valley will be warmer and maybe even slightly wetter than normal. The indications for March, April and May appear to show that we'll above average temps. Either that, or a big orange band will appear in the sky next to a red one. P…
Seven Valentine Cards Inspired By The Magic Valley
We have a unique way of saying Happy Valentine's Day in the Magic Valley. Face it. There are some things that are so unique to our area, it just wouldn't be meaningful to anyone else. Without further adieu, here are seven Valentine cards that have been inspired by and could only be used in…
UPDATE: What Magic Valley School Has the Best Mascot?
Thank you to everyone in the Magic Valley that voted for their favorite mascot. The results are in!
We were highly impressed that Filer Wildcats took second. Good job Filer! Canyon Ridge students had the most votes giving them the bragging rights of having the BEST mascot in The Magic Valley...
5 Reasons To Be Super Happy In Twin Falls
We realize that there are some real negative things that have been in the news lately about Twin Falls and the Magic Valley region. But, guess what? We're super happy people. In fact, we're so freaking happy about living in Twin Falls we have to tie our legs to the ground to keep from flying off int…
There’s Still Time for Ice Fishing in Magic Valley
Editor’s Note: This is the first of two articles about ice fishing in the Magic Valley.
TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – With spring approaching within a matter of weeks, there’s not a lot of time left this season to do much ice fishing. Take advantage of the cold weat…
Potholes in The Magic Valley
In Idaho we are use to I-84 being closed due to high winds, slick conditions or snowy roads but I don't remember the interstate ever being closed due to pot holes.
On I–84, one lane is closed near the Valley Road exit between Hazelton and Twin Falls at mile post 189 due to pothol…
According to Magic Valley Kids, This is What Twin Falls Needs
Over 25 new businesses opened in Twin Falls in 2015, which begs the question what do we need in 2016?
Most KEZJ listeners suggested new restaurants like: Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Joe's Crap Shack, etc. See everyone's response. 
Everyone knows if you want an honest answer you need to a…
Christmas Stress
Christmas is a wonderful time of year. For a lot of us it means getting together with family, celebrating Jesus's Birthday, enjoying our children, and slowing our lives down a little.
The Candy Cane House
Taking your kids to see Christmas lights is a holiday tradition for most families. One of my families favorite places to go see Christmas lights is the Candy Cane House.

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