Idaho Hunting Season Tips & Safety
Agriculture may drive Idaho’s economy, but a big portion of the overall pie also involves hunting and fish.  This time of year for outdoorsmen is a bit like Christmas from the standpoint of your kids.  Kelton Hatch dropped by today from Idaho Fish & Game and offered…
Idaho Fish & Game August Update
Several hunting seasons are just getting started in Idaho.  Kelton Hatch from Idaho Fish & Game paid us his monthly visit.  We got details on tags and training and also some safety tips when it comes to wildlife and wildfires.  This is a busy time for Fish & Game becau…
Young Moose Captured in Twin Falls Cemetery
TWIN FALLS, Id ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) A young moose that made its way into Twin Falls has been placed in a new habitat. The Twin Falls Police Department responded to a call that a moose had wandered into the Twin Falls Cemetery.