What Movies Has ‘Netflix’ Added This Year
On January 1st, Netflix got rid of a bunch of movies, but that doesn't mean you'll have a smaller selection to pick from - because Netflix giveth and Netflix taketh away. What movies has Netflix added this year?
What Movies Is ‘Netflix’ Getting Rid Of In 2014
According to a post on Reddit, Netflix is planning a movie purge. I just got Netflix about 2 months ago so I know I have barely scratched the surface of all the show options on there - so for me I'll never know what I missed. What movies is Netflix getting rid of in 2014?
New Netflix Instant Releases — December 2013
The holiday season is in full swing -- and so is winter. What better way to avoid the chill than by camping out indoors next to the warm glow of your television with some great movies? There's a whole new batch of titles headed to Netflix Instant, from modern classics to old favorites. Read on …

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