Magic Valley Law Enforcement Offer Church Safety Training
After the deadly shooting at a Texas church, several Magic Valley law enforcement agencies are offering training to pastors to keep places of worship safe. The Twin Falls Police Department and the Twin Falls County Sheriff's Office says they have gotten many calls from area churches on how they…
These Are The 8 Active Hate Groups In Idaho
It's not all potatoes and unicorn hugs in our great state. Honestly I'm surprised that there are any actual 'hate groups' in Idaho at all. Sure, there are angry and hateful people all around us, but these are actual organized groups of hate.
Commentary: A Challenging Faith
Call me Catholic but under protest.  This morning I went to Mass at St. Ignatius, an Eastern Orthodox Church near home.  Many of the members of the parish are former Roman Catholics and Lutherans.  There are several African immigrants there who appear very devout...
Mormon Church Artifacts on Display in Utah
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is putting some of the faith's most treasured artifacts on display for the first time in a new exhibit that opens to the public this week in Salt Lake City.