Republican Party

A Power Grab in Idaho? (Opinion)
On Election Day most people can easily pick between candidates because they’ve formed opinions about the people they’ve seen and/or met.  Ballot issues are another matter.
Idaho GOP a Fractious Lot (Opinion)
Not every registered Democrat praises Karl Marx.  In a post last weekend, I mentioned it’s often far too convenient for mainstream media and liberals to label every fellow American to the right-of-center a fascist.  In heavily Republican Idaho, there are many differing fact…
Media Creates GOP Convention Chaos (Opinion)
Republican or Democrat you can’t be surprised by coverage of the Republican National Convention.  Remember the mocking of Clint Eastwood 4 years ago in order to promote Barack Obama for another term?  Even in his 80s Eastwood can twist media liberals into pretzels...
A Republican Senator for Vice President? (Opinion)
The media class warns Donald Trump would be foolish to select a U.S. Senator as the Republican nominee for Vice President.  Supposedly control of the Senate is dangling from a thread, although.  Selecting a Senator from a deeply red state wouldn’t have much of an impact...

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