School Levy Results in Southern Idaho
Many of you voted either for, or against school levy's yesterday. It is no surprise that all Southern Idaho school's are overcrowded due to our rapid population increase over the last few years. With the population increase our schools need more money to build new facility's, hire mor…
What is Your Biggest Complaint About School Drop Off Zones?
We are nearing the end of the school season and things are starting to get a little relaxed not only at the schools but in the parking lot. I have heard numerous parents complain that people are being dangerous in the school drop off zone because they are running late.
Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?
I know it seems a little early to talk about kindergarten but, some schools are already beginning enrollment for the 2015-2016 school year.
Children are required to go into kindergarten with certain tasks already learned. If you are older than 25, you probably went into kindergarten with little to no…
What’s Going On With Gooding Schools?
There was a big meeting regarding Gooding schools yesterday...but no one seems to know what happened. 

Twin Falls City Councilperson Rebecca Mills Sojka will be on today's "State of the City" at 9 a.m.
Mary Holly will explain "Anything's Pawsible
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