Drugs in Magic Valley Schools
I'd like to pretend that there isn't a drug problem in America. More importantly I'd like to pretend there isn't a drug problem in our Magic Valley schools.
Top Private Schools in Idaho
A few weeks ago we told you about the rankings in Idaho according to Niche's Best Public School Districts. If you were wondering about Idaho's private schools we found were they ranked.
UPDATE: What Magic Valley School Has the Best Mascot?
Thank you to everyone in the Magic Valley that voted for their favorite mascot. The results are in!
We were highly impressed that Filer Wildcats took second. Good job Filer! Canyon Ridge students had the most votes giving them the bragging rights of having the BEST mascot in The Magic Valley...
Best School Districts in Idaho
As parents we want to know how our schools in Idaho are performing. Most of us base the success of our school on our kids. Are they learning? Are they getting good grades? Are they safe?
Anti-Bullying Bill Sent to Senate
Bullying has become a HUGE issue in our schools. A lot of parents are holding their breath while their children our in school. What's more nerve racking is that many children are telling their parents nothing is going on, and in realty, they are being bullied everyday!
Social media and cell phones ha…
School Bond Elections
Today, Tuesday March 10th, is the day to get out there and vote for a lot of school districts.
Below is a list of all county's that will be holding elections today:

In Twin Falls, voters are being asked to approve a two year, $9,000,000 supplemental levy. The money will go towards maintaining the…

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