Idaho Economy Booms
More evidence today red states are booming as opposed to big government rivals.  Idaho had the fastest growing per-capita job growth in America last year.
Deadline Looms for Late Tax Returns
TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – If you received an automatic extension to file your Idaho tax return, time is running out to send your return and full payment. The deadline is Monday, Oct. 17.
Hillary Clinton: The Assassin (Opinion)
Wikileaks publishes classified U.S. government cables and Hillary Clinton threatens assassination. A few pages of Donald Trump’s tax returns are illegally published by the New York Times and Hillary and her fellow travelers are orgasmic. Laws were broken in both cases...
Trump Laments His Big Mouth (Opinion)
Some friends from out of state are telling me they had difficulty with today’s web stream.  I’ve collected some video highlights from today’s show and can share them below.  Keep in mind I try and save one or two show segments every day and y…

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