2016 CSI Turkey Trot
Finally someone figured out how to get people like me (non-runners) to run. Place food out on the race route for the runners to keep!
How To Eat Healthier On Thanksgiving Without Sacrificing Flavor!
Food expert Jill Skeem will tell you how you can substitute certain ingredients in your big meal without sacrificing the flavor.

Big discussion today about former Senator Larry Craig and his appeal of his order to pay back money he used from his re-election fund to pay his attorney fees
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The 5 Best Thanksgiving Movies
I'll admit that Thanksgiving gets the shaft as a holiday. We already started the Christmas music on KOOL 96.5 and some have even started (or finished) shopping. On Thanksgiving Day we'll probably eat dinner and then watch football or play board games with the family (after a nap). But…
Postal Service Says Send Packages Now
If you have Christmas packages to send there’s no time like the present.  If you want your domestic packages to get to their destination in time for Christmas they should be in the mail by December 15th, or December 20th for First Class packages.

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