What Time Should School Start in the Morning?
The first few weeks of school can be rough. The days are long, your kids don't want to go to bed before 9pm, and you don't want to wake them up at 6:30am. This begs the question: Is it just hard for the kids to wake up for the first few weeks, or does school start too early?
Good News For Parents
The modern parents are juggling a lot of things. Most parents both work. Most kids are involved in some sort of extra curricular activity, or have 3 hours of homework.
What Would You Do With An Extra Hour Each Day
With the 4th of July happening this week there has been a pretty consistent explosion sound every night between 9 and midnight. Apparently my neighbors are rich and have money to blow (literally) every day! So this week has been a week where every day I feel like I need a nap and I could go for a fe…
Universities Get More Time to Report Student Numbers
MOSCOW, Idaho (AP) — State education officials are giving Idaho universities and colleges more time to submit their student enrollment numbers, which have been calculated on the 10th day of each new semester for more than two decades. The Lewiston Tribune reports the plan approved Thursday will allo…