A Lot of Voting Information Today on Top Story
Almost everyone is predicting the Democrats will lose the Senate today to the GOP...voter turnout expected to be down...campaign spending was huge...all kinds of voter information today.

Steve Millington with the Twin Falls Republicans will join us today at 8:30
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Should Voting In America Be Required?
Compulsory voting is required in about 25% of the "democracies" of the world.  Should America require voting in this "Constitutional Republic?"

Idaho Senator Jim Risch at 8:05.
Randy Stapilus looks at Idaho politics on Idaho Political Update at 8:40
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The Day Before Elections…Should Voting Be Compulsory?
About 25% of the worlds democracies require the citizenship to vote and penalties are in place for those who don't.  Is it time to look at such a system in the U.S.?

Idaho Senator Jim Risch will join us at 8 o'clock this morning.
Randy Stapilus will have the Idaho Political Update at 8:…
Twin Falls County Clerk Kristina Glasscock…on Voting
Twin Falls County Clerk Kristina Glasscock will be our guest today talking about the new gay marriage licensing and voting procedures.

Ella Donahue will have the CSI UPdate
Canyon Crest Dining and Event Center presents comedian Key Lewis
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Early Voting May Indicate Lower Expectations
If early voting is any indication some of the changes in voting procedures this year may  have an effect on the turnout for election day.  In some counties in the Magic Valley officials say the absentee voting has been a little slower this year.  Some county officials indicate that may be because th…
Voting Today
Pools are open from 8 a.m.  until 8 p.m.  today for several school district trustee seats that are up for grabs and four local school districts that are asking for voters to approve supplemental levies.  If you are voting today and are not registered, you can register at the polling p…