Yes, Illegal Aliens Voted (Opinion)
I can say liberals and media but then I’m redundant.  In between praising Fidel Castro over the weekend the DNC’s Propaganda Ministry promoted the recount of votes in Wisconsin.
Donald Trump’s Achilles’ Heel?
Donald Trump’s loss in Wisconsin is being celebrated by many fellow conservatives as his political obituary.  Hardly!  I opened today’s show and shared some of the thoughts of the chattering class and my own long range view.  With 200-thousand Democrats…
Commentary: The N-Word is Naughty No Matter When it’s Used
Is the N-word ever acceptable?  Depends on who uses it according to most people in media and entertainment.  From the perspective of a gray haired white guy who owes much of his broadcast career to two black men, three Jewish guys from Philadelphia and a crusty old Vietnam veteran of Irish…