The Twin Falls City Council will hold a public hearing tonight on a possible rezoning of the property on which the Lazy "J" Mobile Home Park is located. 

 The owner of the property wants the zoning changed to commercial.   Those who have homes at Lazy "J" are concerned the zoning change could eventually force them to leave…sooner than they want.  This issue cause quite a controversy the last time the City Council dealt with it last October.  The council made no decision at the October meeting.  The property representative, Gerald Martens, sent the city a letter in December stating that as long as the vacancy rate stays below 28 percent there will be no commercial development of the property for five years.  Last October the vacancy rate was 25 percent.  At the October meeting the City Council chambers was filled with those who reside at
Lazy "J" and there’s no reason to think the same won’t be the case tonight when the public hearing begins at 6 o’clock.