Ever since President Obama was elected the first time the supply of guns and ammo at local stores has been dubious.  After his first election the supply of both pretty much dried up.  Not only was it difficult to find guns and ammo but also reloading supplies.  People were afraid of an onslaught of rules over guns and ammo ownership and were buying them up faster than snow shovels after a blizzard.

After some feeble attempts at going around Congress by seeing if the EPA could regulate ammo due to "lead content" and other foolish ideas, the threat somewhat faded.  However, most gun owners have been wary of the current administration ever since.  But it did prove that fear, or maybe hysteria if you want to call it that, could work as a favorable tool in disarming Americans.

This point is being proven right now as I write this article.  The plethora of new "ideas" to thwart gun violence from the current administration has rekindled the same fear and hysteria of four years ago only this time it's working even better.  It has proven that you don't need to pass ANY laws in order to dry up the gun and ammo market.

No new federal laws have been passed and yet try to buy a gun or ammo right now...especially ammo.  Even police departments are having serious issues in regards to procuring ammunition for their officers.  Why is this?

We've heard reports lately about the government buying huge amounts of ammunition for the Department of Homeland Security, FBI and other branches.  The exact amount varies but it totals up to literally millions of rounds.  Some sources say these purchases are not unusual if you look at the purchase history.  However, the fact remains that ammo is difficult to come by and the officials in charge finally realized the connection.  The ammunition manufacturers are working overtime just to produce ammunition to fill the government orders so therefore, they have no time left to make "civilian" rounds.

Was this idea conceived by Janet Napolitano and other big-government anti-gun officials?  Frankly, I don't think it was originally.  But after seeing what was happening I think it dawned on them that this was working in their favor.  They can use the seemingly endless supply of taxpayer money to purchase huge amounts of ammunition under the guise of using it for their officers and agents ( not a totally unrealistic justification) and combined with the fear and hysteria of gun owners buying it up they can essentially dry up the ammo market in the U.S. for most Americans.  Oh sure, there are a few who get to the store shelves and wipe them clean before others but basically the market for MOST Americans for ammo has been dried up.   The best part, they didn't have to pass any laws or even take the blame directly for the shortage (well, until people read this and figure out what's really going on!) and the results are immediate.  You can be sure the UN is taking notes!  I'm surly not the only one who has figured this out am I?

The Obama administration officials learned well the Rahm Emmanual mantra..."never let a good crisis go to waste."  I have to say that this scheme is brilliant and my hat is off to those whom it finally dawned upon and they seized the moment.  I don't agree with their tactics nor the reasons but as a believer in personal gun rights myself in this war of the minds with anti-gunners,  I have to tip my hat to the opposition and say "well played."  The opposition would be well advised, however, to not get too snooty as paybacks can be serious!