The Magic Valley Canine Social Club’s proposal to put a dog park in the Oregon Trail Youth Complex was denied by the Parks and Recreation Department on Tuesday; however, the board was very positive about having a dog park in Twin Falls. The only question is, where to put it?

After hearing the comments of Jedidiah and Melanie Hurt, residents living near Oregon Trail, the board decided that the best place for the park is far from any residential area and not in an already existing park. Not only are these residents worried about noise pollution (and let’s face it, I wouldn’t want to be woken up by barking dogs at 6:00 AM every Saturday either), but there’s concern about what the increased traffic of vehicles and dogs would mean for the safety of their children. Whether these concerns are truly viable or not, the board agreed with Mrs. Hurt when she said, “Having a dog park in a residential area is irresponsible.”

So it’s back to the drawing board for the Canine Social Club. It was suggested at the meeting that the Club look into the land west of the Humane Society Animal Shelter. This is city-owned land, but it’s unclear what the city plans to do with it or if water can even be made available for the park. Kari Hinkle of the Club suggested the land in the canyon near Auger Falls. This area was purchased by the city a year ago and is meant to stay undeveloped as a wilderness area for bikers, hikers, and fishermen. Instead of having a formal park, perhaps the city could designate this area for dogs to exercise off-leash.

What do you think of these new proposed sites? Where in Twin Falls would you like to see a dog park?