It's a historic 'first' for the Gem State as Idaho's GOP  hosts the state's 2012 Republican Presidential Caucus. Those attending will get a chance to pick Idaho's GOP front-runner from candidates Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, or former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer. Today’s "Super Tuesday" event will supplement Idaho's May primary election, giving Idaho Republicans a greater chance in determining the candidate who will ultimately challenge President Barack Obama on November 3rd.   Idaho's caucus takes place in several rounds via secret ballot in each county.  At stake are 32 delegates who will travel to Tampa, FL to participate in the Republican National Convention this August.   Here in Idaho, any GOP candidate who gets over 50 percent of the state's caucus vote is pledged Idaho's 32 state GOP delegates.  However, if the state's caucus vote is split where no candidate receives over 50 percent of the total vote, the delegates are distributed according to a percentage of votes each candidate receives in each county.  To participate,  voters will have to locate and travel to one of the many Republican caucus centers located throughout Idaho.  Voters must also register with Idaho's Republican party before they participate in the caucus.  However, those who aren't registered at the time of the caucus may do so on site.  The sites around the Magic Valley include:

Blaine County at the Wood River Middle School
Camas County at the Legion Hall,
Gooding County at the Gooding High School
Jerome County at the Jerome High School
Twin Falls County at Canyon Ridge High School
Cassia County: King Fine Arts Center
Lincoln County: Community Building, Lincoln County Fairgrounds
Minidoka County: Minico High School

All voting times are at 7 p.m.