Forget the IRS scandal, the cell phone spy scandal, the Benghazi scandal, the $1.3-B to the Muslim Brotherhood scandal and all that other stuff that doesn't matter...the BIG news today is...Kim's divorce is finally FINAL!  We can all rest much better tonight!

You have to know the terrorist organizations are loving the fact that we all think it's horrible that our government has been listening in on our phone conversations.  Americans want it to stop...and so do the terrorist organizations.

Atheists erect monument in Florida next to 10 Commandments monument.  This is REAL freedom of speech!

Sec. of State Kerry circumvents federal law and gives the Muslim Brotherhood $1.3-B dollars of our money.  WHAT?  Yep!  Silly Americans...Obama officials aren't subject to the knew that.

Cool 2 Be In School program...Survival Symposium.  A lot to talk about today.

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