BURLEY, Idaho (KLIX)- Improvements are planned for a major traffic light in the heart of Burley. Idaho Transportation Officials say crews will make upgrades to the Main Street and Overland Road intersection on Wednesday December 18th.

A new Flashing Yellow Arrow or FYA signal will be installed in all four directions. The work should take much of the day and traffic will be affected. Flaggers will be directing cars. Drivers are encourage to take a different route. The FYA signal are starting to become more common on Idaho roads. The new signal has four phases.

1. Green arrow represents a protected turn, enabling motorists to turn left without

2. A flashing yellow arrow means drivers should proceed with caution and must yield to oncoming
traffic and pedestrians.

3. A solid yellow arrow warns the light is about to change to red.

4. Solid red arrows require motorists to stop, as they would at a solid red ball.

FYA signals are already in place in many southern Idaho communities, and are added as part of new construction or when funds allow for a replacement.