Monday night the Twin Falls City Council discussed a laundry list of “wants” as far as requirements from Ed Beckley to jump the Snake River Canyon.  The Council was thinking part of Beckley’s payment to the city to jump the canyon could be a list of improvements at the jump site.  But the total cost estimate of the want-list comes to around $1.9-million dollars.  City Manager Travis Rothweiler said some items on the list could be considered a requirement for Beckley to pay but a majority of those items would have to be negotiable.  One item that could be a requirement that was discussed by the council is the pavement and fencing to connect the canyon rim walking trail through the area.  The estimated cost would be just over $50,000.  The road into the area was also discussed by the council but so far no talks have taken place between the city and Ed Beckley regarding the list.  That will take place in the near future.