The Following is information from the city of Twin Falls:

The Twin Falls City Council would like to invite citizens to learn more about the 2014 fiscal
year budget and provide feedback on what they would like to see funded in the year ahead.
The council will open the Twin Falls City Council meeting at 5 p.m., Monday, June 10 for public comment, wherein citizens can take part in the earliest stages of the budget planning process.
The city council will continue to provide additional opportunities for public comment throughout the budget planning process, which will conclude in mid-August.
The city budget is directly tied to the City of Twin Falls Strategic Plan, which was created with the help of citizens to be a 20-year roadmap for the City of Twin Falls.

Because the budget and the plan play a key role in shaping the future of Twin Falls, council would like feedback from citizens on whether or not they feel the City is funding objectives outlined in the strategic plan. “Because of the strategic plan, the budget process has become more of an interactive procedure with our citizens,” said Travis Rothweiler, City Manager. “This public comment period is the time for citizens to get involved, learn more about where we are spending taxpayer dollars and ultimately play a role in shaping next year’s budget.”
Holding a public comment period this early in the budget process is relatively new to the City of Twin Falls, so the council is encouraging as many citizens as possible to attend the public comment period.