The Twin Falls City Council could be facing some cold hard facts in the near future.  At the city council meeting last night they were told by City Community Development Director Mitch Humble that “We cannot preserve historic levels of service and historic tax policy. Something has to change.”  With a new budgeting procedure instituted by City Manager Travis Rothweiler, the City Council is being brought into the city’s budgeting process much earlier.  And at the council meeting last night the conversation was brought up on the possibility of layoff’s in some city departments.  The conversation is very  preliminary at this time but a distinct possibility at some point in the future.  Councilman Will Kezele said there may be a need to reduce staff levels that grew as the demand increased but did not reduce as the demand lowered.  The council also talked about property taxes but the consensus at this point is that taxpayers are already burdened enough.