If the current economic climate has any kind of a silver lining, it might be that large construction projects cost less.  That could be an advantage for the city of Twin Falls as it gets ready to add some needed equipment at the wastewater treatment plant.  Costs for the equipment are expected to be about ten percent less than earlier planned.  UV equipment for the plant is now expected to run about $480,000 dollars instead of the earlier planned $530,000.  A backup lift station in Rock Creek was earlier estimated to cost around $2.75-million dollars is now expected to cost around $800,000 less.  In April Fifth District Judge Richard Bevan gave the city the approval to take on up to $8-million dollars in debt without asking voters.  It’s now up to city officials to carefully assess the costs and arrive at figure without going over.  City officials say the improvements at the plant are necessary to keep the city from falling out of compliance with regulations.