Tomorrow is Election Day around the state. In Twin Falls the city council candidates participated in a forum on Saturday evening to help get their message out. The Forum was broadcast live here on news radio 1310, KMVT and the times-news. There are four seats up for grabs tomorrow. Seat Two pits Jim Munn, Jr.and write–in candidate Robert Hinkle against each other. For seat three there are three candidates: Trip Craig, Shawn Barigar and Allen Starley. Seat four has four candidates: Suzanne Hawkins, Wayne Bohrn, Chris Talkington and Jim Schouten. And Seat 7 also has four candidates: Rebecca Mills–Sojka, Neil Christensen, Christopher Reid and Kevin Cope. Polls are open 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM tomorrow and you register to vote at the polling place. To find out where you vote you can call the  twin falls county clerk's office at 736-4004.