TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)- Last night Twin Falls City Council heard from six of the groups that want to jump the Snake River Canyon. Each has their own vehicle except one, American Broadcasting Company. ABC only intends to win rights to broadcast the event. One Ed Beckley and his group has the right to land on the Jerome Side on state land. Another, Adrenaline Nation says they don’t need the state land; they plan on landing on Bureau of Land Management Land North of the state land.

REO Develpment Group backing Miles Daisher have secured about 12 acres of private land across the canyon. And one group bowed out. Omega Point Productions, headed by Scott Truax and Scott Record are making plans to jump the canyon near the Hansen Bridge and have thrown their support behind Ed Beckley.

Michael “Mad Mike” Hughes did not show up for the presentations. Less than a dozen members of the public commented. Several supported their neighbor and friend Miles Daisher. Others were concerned about crowd control and plans to control a large amount of people that may show up for the 2014 event. Now city council will begin assessing the information at its next council meeting on November 25.