Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) A Twin Falls man faces a multitude of charges, including six felonies, after assaulting a woman and holding her hostage. Prosecutors argue on December 16, Steven Ray Stone, 39, was hiding in his ex–girlfriend's home in Twin Falls and when she arrived, he physically harmed her and forced the victim to have sex.

He allegedly also held against her will for approximately 10 hours. His bond is set for $500,000. Stone is due again in court on December 27. According to court records, Stone faces felony charges of first-degree kidnapping, attempted strangulation, rape, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon or instrument without the intent to kill, battery-domestic violence with traumatic injury and burglary.

Court records show he allegedly committed these acts on December 16th. He also faces four misdemeanor charges . Court records reveal Stone's ex-girlfriend told police he kicked in her door, damaged the door frame and physically attacked her. She also told police he doesn't have a stable residence. He is listed as homeless in court records.