The parents of a young boy from Twin Falls are mourning his loss. They say their son died on Memorial Day from a dangerous game called the “choking game.”  Part of their grief is eased by the idea that by speaking publicly about it, they may help save other lives. The parents of 12-year-old Skyler Smith say their son loved life, his family and sports. This Memorial Day he was upset with his parents. They were giving up the family's puppies and they refused to let him ride his bike outside when storms were coming in. His mother Tasha Smith says that's when their world fell apart.  They say Skyler had choked to death from a sheet tied around his neck. They also say investigators told them it wasn't suicide, but rather an accidental hanging from the choking game. Usually played by a couple kids to get a drug free high, Skyler played it by himself. The Twin Falls County Coroner's office says it could not clearly conclude if Skyler's death was an accidental death or suicide. The CDC calls the choking game a public health threat. According to its research, more than 80 kids and teens died from the choking game between 1995 and 2008.